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Welcome to the online home of Schilldale Holsteins at Tiffany Farms!

After David and I graduated from Cornell in 1992, we came to Tiffany Farms, which was basically an Eastern - now Genex - bred herd at the time.  We brought back a few cows we had acquired while at college.   Dave knew how to breed cows, so we did our own breeding, started classifying, showing locally, picturing cows, advertising, flushing, and consigning to Registered Holstein sales.  We have now developed a herd that has received the Progressive Breeders Registry award for nine consecutive years. We recently received our first Progressive Genetics Herd Award and have sold two bulls to Alta Genetics.

The owners of Tiffany Farms are Jack and Sue Tiffany.  The farm has been in the Tiffany Family since it was purchased in 1841.  Along with Hannah’s brother, John Tiffany III, they are the 6th generation to farm at this location. The farm is located about 15 minutes from Long Island Sound beaches and is about 30 minutes from the Foxwood and Mohegan Sun Casinos.  We invite you to take a look at the animals we are currently working with and welcome your call if anything sparks your interest!

~David & Hannah


To the New England Fall Classic Tag Sale
October 24 - 27
Schilldale Uno Bambi
born in March 2013
2220 gtpi , 3.2T, 3.12udc , 1.98flc , 4.6pl , 2.0dpr
Bambi is a Numero Uno out of Schilldale Mac Briley VG-87, 88 MS with
3-03 2x 305d 24,122 3.5f 844 3.1p 747. The next dam is Schilldale Gldwyn Brenna 91-2E DOM and then Schilldale Durham Buttercup 94 2E-94MS DOM.

Also selling:
A choice of two tested red carriers by Acme-RC born in June
from Schilldale Mac Briley.

Schilldale Acme June-ET and Schilldale Acme Junior-ET.
1822 gtpi, 2.77t, 2.83udc, 1.84flc, 2.9pl, .5dpr .
Both calves will be at the sale to make the choice.

April 12, 2013 Classification Results

2 new EX, 1 new E, 1 new 91, 10 new VG and 5 VG's increased in score!

Schilldale Goldwyn Brenna-ET now 2E-91
Schilldale James Butternut now 2E-90
Copper now EX-90 (Advent x Rubens x Juror Popcorn)
Kiss now EX-90 (Champion x VG-87 Durham sister to Skittles)

10 new VG's (* = 2-year-olds):
Bonnie VG-85 (Baxter x Brenna)
Bubbles VG-85 (Jeeves x Goldwyn Belle)
Day VG-85 (Outbound daughter)
Desert VG-85 (Super daughter)
Sophie VG-87 (Finest daughter)

*Marshmallow VG-86 (Manifold x Mousse)
*Mstracks VG-85 (Manifold x Mousse)
*Munchkin VG-85 (Sebastion x Mousse)
Shoofly VG-86 (Shottle x Butterfly)
Toffee VG-85 (Boliver x EX Mac great-granddaughter of Skittles)

Other VG's:
Bella now VG-86 (Boliver x Goldwyn Belle)
Hug now VG-87 (Casino x Kiss)
Spice now VG-86 (Sept. Storm x Reckless)
Briley now VG-87 (Mac x Brenna)
Robyn now VG-86 (Reckless x Durham)

We did it again!
Schilldale/Tiffany was Premier Breeder & Exhibitor at the CT State Holstein Show 2012 and 2013!!!


David & Hannah Schillawski
140 Sterling City Rd.
Old Lyme, CT 06371

Current Herd Statistics:
BAA 107.7%
RHA 24,088M 957F 758P



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