Our most recent classification was 111.8 with 55 Excellent and 55 Very Good and the total homebred Excellents are 329 YTD. In 2013 we had the highest BAA in the U.S. for herds 100-150 head, this is a repeat performance.

Nominated All-American R&W Produce of Dam
Willows-Edge Ad Melt-Red

4-1 365 2x 29,126 4.1 1224 2.9 857
Melt has a just fresh 2 Yr Old Destry Daughter consigned to the National Convention Sale. This 2 Yr Old is also entered in the 2016 R & W Holstein Futurity to be held in Madison, WI

1st 5 Yr. old and Honorable Mention Sr. Champion, Midwest Fall National
Nominated Produce in 2013 and nominated All-American Jr. 3 Yr. old in 2012

Dam: Willows-Edge Distrigen Mime EX-90
2nd Dam: Willow-Edge Broker Minah VG-88

Willows-Edge Advent Mimic-Red
Willows-Edge Talnt Mist-Red

2nd Jr 2 Year Old (1st BU) R&W Show 2014 Southern National

She is the maternal sister to Willows Edge Des Matrix-Red.
Both are daughters of Melt.

Nominated All-American R&W Produce of Dam
Willows-Edge Advent Mimic-Red
Willows-Edge Advent Mimic-Red
EX 92 EX 93 MS

5-00 2x 365d 34,170 3.9 1335 2.9 977

2nd Aged cow, MN State Fair (R & W Show)
Nominated Produce in 2013

Dam: Willows-Edge Distrigen Mime EX-90
2nd Dam: Willow-Edge Broker Minah VG-88

Willows Edge Moscato Red

1st Jr. 3 Yr. old, MN State Fair (R & W Show)
6th Jr. 3-Yr.-Old, International Red and White Show, 2014

Dam: Willows-Edge Ad Mick EX 94 EX 94 MS
Mick was Reserve Grand at MN State Fair 2012.
2nd Dam: EX-92 Rubens. Reserve All Wisconsin
Reserve All WI Jr. 2 Year Old
3rd Dam: EX 90-3E Astro Jet with over 208,000 LT

Willows-Edge Bolton Flicker
EX 94 EX-94 MS

5-1 318 2x 39,638 4.9 1962 2.9 1145

Backed by 7 GMDs, first 3 dams EX-92

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Flicker has sons at Accelerated, International Protein Sires, and Global Genetic Resources.

Genomics, show cow potential and a great pedigree!

Dam: Willows-Edge Out Freckle-ET EX-92 2E
5-02 2x 365d 40,420 3.4 1389 2.8 1118

Freckle is a maternal sister to Willows-Edge Gib Fancy 2E-94 – 1st 125,000 Lb. Cow and
HM Grand Champion at the 2010 Midwest Fall National Show! 

2nd Dam: Elgindale-CL Frosty 3E-92 GMD-DOM
3rd Dam: Elgindale-CL B Honey-ET EX-92 GMD-DOM
4th Dam: Elgindale Heidi VG-87 GMD-DOM
5th Dam: Elgindale Chairman Happy-ET VG-87 GMD-DOM
6th Dam: Rorae Future-Perfect Hoppie EX-90 GMD-DOM
7th Dam: Schruppdale Astro Hoppie EX-90 GMD-DOM
8th Dam: Dingley-Dell Roburke Amy VG-87 GMD

Photo of: Willows-Edge Rubens Karachi
Willows-Edge Rubens Karachi
EX 92-EX92 MS

4-8 343 2x 34,156 4.0 1385 3.2 1102

Junior All Wisconsin Aged Cow 2014
Junior All-Wisconsin 5-Year-Old 2013
Grand Champion, WI District 1 Junior Show 2013

Dam: Willows-Edge Champ Karma VG-87
     4-03 2x 365d 40,340 3.4 1355 2.9 1194
2nd Dam: Willows-Edge Terrason Kit EX-93
     4-10 2x 365d 44,160 4.0 1762 2.9 1325

Photo of: MS Jacobs Sanchez Janna
MS Jacobs Sanchez Janna-ET
Excellent-93 EX-MS

2-2 365 2x 28,365 3.9 1109 2.9 851

Grand Champion, Midwest Fall National Junior Show 2013
Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion, WI District 1 Junior Holstein Show 2012
Her maternal sister was Nominated All-American Milking Fall Yearling in 2009

Dam: Valleyville Lheros Jenn-ET EX-94-CAN
3-09 2x 365 33,531 4.5 1505 3.3 1111
All-American & All-Canadian Senior 3-Year-Old 2008
2nd Dam: Valleyville Integrity Brenna EX-90-2E-CAN

Willows-Edge Advent Libby
2-00 2x 365d 28,124 4.5 1255 3.1 861

1st Senior 3-Year-Old, WI District 1 Holstein Show 2013
1st Milking Yearling & Best Udder, Mideast National Fall Show 2011

Dam: Willows-Edge Lee Logan EX-93
3-01 2x 365d 31,352 4.9 1546 3.0 954
2nd Dam: Willows-Edge RI London EX-91
3rd Dam: Willows-Edge BC Lalita EX-90
4th Dam: Willows-Edge Leadoff Lacey EX-90
5th Dam: Willows-Edge Stardust Lynn EX-94

Willows-Edge Laurin Minion

1st Sr 3 Yr old, BU and 1st Jr B&O 2014
Res Intermediate Champion of the Open Show 2014
Best B&O of the Junior Show;Grand Champion of the Jr Show, District 1 2014
Best Bred and Owned of the Junior Show,WI Championship Show 2014
2ndSr 3 Yr old of the Midwest Fall National Jr Show 2014

Willows- Edge Dur Marbles
VG-87 VG-88 MS@2-7

Dam: Outside Miksey EX-91 3E LT 191 865
2nd Dam: Willows Edge Star Maiden EX-93
Res Jr All American 5 year old & Grand Champion Midwest Spring Junior Show
3rd Dam: EX Charles with over 200,000 LT
Marbles and Minion's dams are maternal sisters

Willows-Edge Dun Impulse

Dam: Willows-Edge Gold Impass VG-87
GrandDam: Willows-Edge Linjet Icon EX-94

2nd Fall Yearling, District 1
3rd Fall Yearling, WI Championship Show
5th Fall Yearling, Midwest Fall National

MDF Goldwyn Breezer 40
ET EX 91 EX 92-MS@ 3-09

2-03 365 2x 25,189 4.6% 1148 3.36% 836

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3rd place Sr 3 Yr old- Midwest Fall National
5th place Sr 3 Yr old- WI Championship Show

Dam: RF Outside Breeze EX-95 GDam: Milan 2E 93
3rd Dam Tony Beauty 5E 96 3*
Her maternal sister is Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95 4*
Canadian Cow of the Year 2013
All American & All Canadian 5-Year Old 2010


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